Plexus structural adhesives based on methacrylate guarantee high performance and represent a valid alternative to epoxy and polyurethane based adhesives. Plexus MMA adhesives, together with the patented Core Shell Technology, allow to bond, with  exceptional fatigue resistance, almost all thermoplastics, metals and composite materials ensuring a strong and durable bonding with little or no surface preparation. The range of Plexus adhesives offers various handling and open times that allow the use for all applications of small, medium and large size parts in the Automotive, Transport, Nautical and Naval, Renewable Energy, Agricultural and Earth Moving Machinery, Advanced Construction and Assembly in general.


    • – UV stability
    • – Chemical adhesion to thermoplastics and composites
    • – Great Resistance to Fatigue, Impact and Shocks
    • – Excellent Salt Spray Resistance
    • – Excellent resistance and durability of bonding joints designed to withstand climatic stress and different environmental conditions
    • – Freedom in design thanks to the ability to combine dissimilar materials: metals – composites – thermoplastics.
    • – Reduced Density
    • – Ease of recycling for thermoplastic applications as it is compatible with regraded materials
    • – Minimum surface preparation.
    • – Polymerization at room temperature
    • – Reduced VOC emissions
    • – Ease of use
    • – Consolidated twenty years of experience in the field of reference where high performanceare required
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    The PVC valve is suitable for vacuum system in the resin infusion process, it can open or close the vacuum conduits. The PVC “T” fittings are used for joining tubes in the process infusion.

    • APPLICATION: Infusion system
    05XINFUR1012 PVC Red infusion valve per hose Ø 10-12
    05XINFUR1215 PVC Red infusion valve per hose Ø 12-15
    05XINFUT1012 PVC ”T” Fittings per hose Ø 10-12
    05XINFUT1215 PVC ”T” Fittings per hose Ø 12-15

    infusion valve

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    When using a spiral hose as a vacuum infusion line, one of the biggest problems is marking the laminate. The Dual Mesh is a system formed by a spiral covered with a grid that allows to optimize the homogeneous distribution of the resin avoiding the marking of the laminate during the infusion process. Dual Mesh can also be used as a vacuum line or can replace the mold flange when it is too narrow.

    • APPLICATION: Infusion
    05XINFDM1012 Dual Mesh Resin feed spiral with mesh Ø 10X12 white/green
    05XINFDM1214 Dual Mesh Resin feed spiral with mesh Ø 12X14 white/green
    05XINFDM 1417 Dual Mesh Resin feed spiral with mesh Ø 14X17 white/green
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    It is a technical flange developed to maintain the vacuum level during all phases of the infusion process. It can be used with the main resin systems such as polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy. In the SLOW version with PEEL PLY a slower resin flow is maintained, the FAST system with the aerator strip increases the air/resin flow.

    Resin Stopper products are designed for:
    – Avoid waste of resin and preserve the auxiliary material used for. (pipes, taps, traps).
    – It allows to work on all normal open molds even without flange.
    – It allows a quick application thanks to its adhesive system.
    Available in two versions:
    – STANDARD with a strip of double-sided adhesive tape for application
    -SLOW ADVANCED with a double-sided adhesive tape with an integrated PEEL PLY band make the application easier

    • APPLICAZIONE: Infusione
    05XINFRSPP85 Resin Stopper SLOW white polyethylene h 220 mm
    05XINFURS100 Resin Stopper white polyethylene h 110 mm

    resin stopper

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  • Spirale per infusione

    The infusion spiral is normally used in vacuum infusion process; the structure of this product optimizes the resin flow in the desired points, directing the depression that will be later filled and replaced by the fluid.

    • APPLICATION: Infusion system
    05XINFUS1012 Resin feed spiral Ø 10 X 12 translucent polyethylene
    05XINFUS1214 Resin feed spiral Ø 12 X 14 translucent polyethylene
    05XINFUS1417 Resin feed spiral Ø 14 X 17 translucent polyethylene
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    The polyethylene hose allows the infusion running, suitable for resin injection and aspiration, compatible with most of polyester, epoxy and vinylester resin.

    • APPLICATION: Infusion system
    05XINFTP0810 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 8 x 10 translucent
    05XINFTP1012 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 10 x 12 translucent
    05XINFTP1215 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 12 x 15 translucent
    05XINFTP1316 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 13 x 16 translucent
    05XINFTP1518 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 15 x 18 translucent
    05XINFTP1720 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 17 x 20 translucent
    05XINFTP2025 Infusion hose polyethylene Ø 20 x 25 translucent

    Infusion hose

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    The SPRAY TACK 5 PLUS or SPRAY TACK 5C are temporary adhesive indicated for fibreglass and carbon fibre positioning in the manufacture of composite materials by vacuum infusion, are compatible with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins.

    • APPLICATION: Autoclave – Oven – Vacuum

    Available in 500 ml. aerosol cans and 12 kg. drums for application with under pressure tank.

    05XADSP5B5PL Adhesive Spray Tack 5 Plus temporary fixation for dry fabrics 500 CC
    05XADSP5CK12 Adhesive Spray Tack 5/C temporary fixation for dry fabrics 12 KG.
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    HM 102 is a hot melt adhesive available in Ø 43 mm shot, specific for the fixing of structural cores and fabrics during the mold dressing in the infusion process. It is easily applied using the special hot melt gun 710 S Ø 43 mm which melts it instantly and sprays it onto the substrate. HM 102 has a great instant adhesive power.
    This product allows to obtain a tenacious fixing even in particular positions. Solvent free- V.O.C. free.

    Available in packs of 400 shots.

    05XTHM10C43P Hot melt shot Ø 43 mm
    05H-HB710SPR Professional sprayable hot gun for spray application


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    Infusion Mesh System
    Draining mesh without any coupled release agents. Excellent drapeability due to the absence of release agents, is used in infusion and vacuum processes with complex geometries. In order to allow the detachment after the resin polymerization it must be preceded by the micro-perforated film or peel ply.
    APPLICATION: Infusion and Vacuum

    Infusion Mesh Complex System
    Draining mesh coupled with microperforated release film, suitable for infusion processes, compatible with the major types of epoxy resin and polyester on the market. Excellent dimensional stability. Easy to remove after resin polymerization.
    APPLICATION: Infusion

    Infusion Mesh 3Layers System
    Draining mesh coupled with microperforated release film and peel ply, suitable for infusion processes, compatible with the major types of epoxy resin and polyester on the market. The presence of the peel ply fabric on the external side, allows to obtain a surface of the laminate, with an ideal finish for the following gluing and lamination phases.
    APPLICATION: Infusion

    05XRE140HDPE Infusion Mesh 140 g/ m² Blue HDPE with 1450 mm L 100 m
    05XRE15LTFP8 Infusion Mesh 140 g/m² Bleu HDPE + Release Film 26 μ Perforate P31 with 1450 mm L 100 m
    05XRETFLPPLY Infusion Mesh 140 g/m² Blue HDPE + Release Film 26 μ Perforate P31 + Nylon Peel Ply 80 g/m²


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    The tube connector for infusion is specific for the vacuum infusion process: the connector is applied inside the vacuum bag; the spiral is housed in the conical base and the tube is fixed in the outer cylindrical part. The same connector can be used both for the suction, when connected to vacuum system, and for the injection of the resin.

    • APPLICATION: Infusion system
    05XINFUSUP12 Infusion connector for hose external Ø 12
    05XINFUSUP15 Infusion connector for hose external Ø 15
    05XINFUSUP16 Infusion connector for hose external Ø 16
    05XINFUSUP18 Infusion connector for hose external Ø 18
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