IR1460/VT1463 are valves completely made of Ergal, thanks to their particular shape they help the deaeration of the laminate. These valves are widely used in the super car industry and in the production of composites with autoclave and furnace cure processes. The valve is supplied with a silicone gasket that with a simple manual locking ensures a perfect seal.

    • APPLICATION: Autoclave – Oven – Vacuum
    05XERGVT1463 Valve support with silicone rubber sealing gasket ¼ Ø 60 260°C
    05XERGIR1460 Locking system valve support with silicone rubber sealing gasket ¼ Ø 60 260°C
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    Gli attacchi HT sono valvole a innesto rapido maschio e femmina. Disponibili in acciaio zincato per le applicazioni più comuni. Attraverso un sistema a molle, una volta innestati liberano il passaggio dell’aria; al contrario quando vengono svincolati, questo grazie alle guarnizioni realizzate in Viton che sono in grado di resistere alle alte temperature garantendo una sicura tenuta. Consigliabile utilizzare teflon sul filetto.

    • APPLICATION: Autoclave – Oven
    05XQCM14ISOV Attacco Rapido Maschio Serie ISO V Viton ¼
    05XQCF14ISOV Attacco Rapido Femmina Serie ISO V Viton ¼
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    Resin Trap is 9 liters vacuum container designed and manufactured in Italy. It aims to simplify and improve the resin infusion process. Thanks to its sealing system and the control valve, is possible to obtain the required pressure. During the positioning of the bag and monitor, there are no leaks in the mold, good seal of the bag before starting the infusion cycle. Furthermore, is collecting the eventual resin leaks during the infusion process under vacuum, which in case of leak would irreparably damage the vacuum pump.

    • APPLICATION: Infusion system
    05XINFRT1509 Stainless steel Resin Trap Ø 204 mm 9 litres with 4 grafts
    05XGUARXTRAP Silicon Gasket for resin trap
    05XRONDXTRAP Plastic washer for Traps

    resin trap 2

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